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Binary options are the simplest form of options. The option is a financial instrument mostly used on the stock market and on the forex market. More precise, the options are a type of derivate financial instrument. Holding an "option" gives the right to its buyer to sell the underlying asset at a specific price. The options have an expiration date, which defines the time frame the option can be sold.
The binary options are also known as "all or nothing options" or "digital options" due to their binary nature. The outcome of a binary option can only have two values: positive or negative. If the option outcome is positive, the holder will win a fixed amount of money, known from the time the binary option was "written". Otherwise, if the option finishes the other way, the holder will lose part of the money he invested in the option.
The binary options are used on both stock market and forex market. They can be used to make a financial hedging or even to speculate on a future value of a share or a foreign currency exchange rate. Binary options can be used in complex financial schemes to insure a potential foreign exchange risk but also by novice traders who want to take advantage of their analysis of a specific share price.
Trading binary options is very simple and funny. The trader has to choose an asset and indicate the direction of its value: up or down. Speculating on the appreciation of the asset is called "call option". If the trader indicates a depreciation of the asset he uses a "put option".
While trading on a stock exchange gives you the possibility to trade options, there is a more easy way to test your trading skills online. There are a few good binary options brokers on the internet that offer the possibility to trade binary options on their powerful platforms. Unlike the classic stock brokers, the binary options brokers are specialized on this kind of derivate, offering good winning interests and cash-backs for the losing options. The initial investment can be very small, as low as $100. There are a lot of deposit methods, so a trader can easily fund its account and start trading immediately.
Below is our top of reliable binary options brokers, offering the highest quality in trading binary options:
binary options brokers
binary options brokers
Stock Pair is an excellent binary options broker that is quickly expanding because of their excellent trading platform and customer support. They offer many options with profitability ranging from 80% to 130% and their website is available in many languages. On top of that, they have the unique Pair Options feature that allows you to trade asset against asset. With nice charts and an enjoyable website, Stock Pair is a very good choice for those who want to trade using binary options.
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