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Best forex brokers for Asia and Africa


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The online forex trading industry is continuously growing, exceeding all expectations. The number of online forex brokers that represent the offer is very high, the internet literally being full of forex platforms. On the other side the demand is also high, many new amateurs discovering the attractiveness of online forex trading.
With so many forex brokers available at just one click away is very hard to know which one is the best and which one suits you. The first step in choosing a forex broker is to check out the reviews sites where you can find all the relevant information about the best forex brokers.

Asia and Africa forex market

Unfortunately many online forex brokers are targeting Europe countries so the main languages are English, French, German and Nordic languages. Only the most serious brokers invested in trading platforms available in Arabic and Asian languages.
Although Asia is a very important market in foreign exchange market, just few forex brokers turn their attention towards it.
The Arabic countries from Northern African Arabian Peninsula represent brand new markets for online forex trading, and Arabic speaking forex traders are increasing in numbers.

Asia and Africa best forex brokers

The list of the best forex brokers that are available in Arabic and Asian languages includes:
- Ava Trade: covers besides main European languages also Arabic, Russian, Japanese and Turkish.
- XM: is available in Japanese, Chinese, Bahasa (Indonesia), Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Malay and Vietnamese and many European languages
These forex brokers are among the best and each one has different bonuses and special features so check them all out so choose which one is the best for you.
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